Definition of corrugated paper in US English:

corrugated paper


  • Packaging material made from layers of thick paper, the top layer of which is alternately grooved and ridged for added strength and rigidity.

    • ‘In 1871, one Albert L. Jones patented corrugated paper.’
    • ‘Glue corrugated paper to the binding of the book.’
    • ‘Boxes can be decorated with left over wallpaper scraps, coloured corrugated paper and twine and sponge art.’
    • ‘It will retain small parts of the business located in Norway, Sweden and Poland, which concentrate on containerboard and corrugated paper.’
    • ‘We used corrugated paper to form columns, and assembled small wood scraps and pipe cleaners for sculptures, rails, fences and ramps.’


corrugated paper

/ˈkôrəˌɡādid ˈpāpər/