Definition of correction fluid in US English:

correction fluid


  • An opaque liquid painted over a typed or written error so as to leave a blank space for the insertion of the correct character.

    • ‘Males were marked with a little green spot of typists' correction fluid to allow for identification.’
    • ‘It is studded with a staccato attack of ink dots and dashes of correction fluid that suggest the patterns of wind on the surface of the Seine.’
    • ‘Lee's own creation was found to have a mistake and he had to use correction fluid to cover it.’
    • ‘Oven cleaner, model glue, spray paint, correction fluid, paint thinner, and polyurethane are just a few of the household products that are dangerous.’
    • ‘Some had even been altered with correction fluid.’
    • ‘Females were marked with a single dot of white correction fluid so that we could easily identify the sex of individuals within mating pairs.’
    • ‘An election manager testified that the office received phone calls during the campaign asking whether votes altered with correction fluid would count even if they arrived in sealed envelopes that had been slit open.’
    • ‘Organic solvents are used in a variety of commonly encountered substances including correction fluid, glue, paint, varnish, and aerosols.’
    • ‘Voters seem to have misspelled their names on applications for absentee ballots and used correction fluid to get their addresses right.’
    • ‘Cover scuff marks with white correction fluid before polishing.’
    • ‘I suppose the trick for any author is to find an idea that fires you up enough to hear yourself speak at length for a few hundred pages - without wanting to put your own eyes out with a bottle of correction fluid, that is.’
    • ‘I sometimes think of this as nature's bottle of correction fluid - it really does help to soothe and soften scar tissue.’
    • ‘An enduring drawback of correction fluid is the solvent vapor.’
    • ‘Kirby pulled a pen and correction fluid from her handbag before storing the bag at the back of the room on a peg.’


correction fluid

/kəˈrɛkʃən ˈfluɪd//kəˈrekSHən ˈflo͞oid/