Definition of corps in English:



  • 1A main subdivision of an armed force in the field, consisting of two or more divisions.

    ‘the 5th Army Corps’
    • ‘On the down side, the British army was not a unified army in the sense of divisions and corps sized units.’
    • ‘Large units like divisions or corps are expensive and archaic.’
    • ‘Instead of deploying corps, our heavy divisions sufficed.’
    • ‘Additionally, division, corps, and Army headquarters, along with their missions, will be realigned.’
    • ‘Once these units were sworn into federal service, they would be organized into brigades, divisions, and army corps along with regular army units.’
    • ‘Two or more divisions form a corps, which is commanded by a lieutenant general and has from 20,000 to 45,000 soldiers.’
    • ‘The same challenges on a larger scale permeate division and corps level Battle Command Training Program exercises.’
    • ‘By decree from on high, corps and division commanders could not employ more than two platoons in offensive action.’
    • ‘His rise in command was rapid, from brigade to division to corps.’
    • ‘The crown prince of Saxony was given the new Meuse Army, comprising three of First Army's corps and two cavalry divisions.’
    • ‘However, brigades, divisions, corps, and armies formed only as needed in wartime and were promptly disbanded during peacetime.’
    • ‘Since the beginning of February, entire divisions, corps and battalions from various military bases in Germany have been transferred to the Gulf.’
    • ‘The earlier created air-defense areas were disbanded and air defense districts, armies, corps, and divisions restored.’
    • ‘Grouped into corps, the panzer divisions proved tactically and operationally decisive.’
    • ‘The troop commander should have a focus that is essentially provided by the corps or division commander.’
    • ‘I will remind you of the magnificent noncommissioned officers that lead our Army from corps to division, and all the way down to crew level.’
    • ‘Two to five divisions constitute a corps, which is typically commanded by a lieutenant general.’
    • ‘For easier control of its artillery it was therefore normal to find divisions, corps, and even armies made up entirely of artillery.’
    • ‘The Army's traditional brigade, divisional, corps, and ASCC structure also is being reviewed.’
    • ‘The thorough integration of intelligence will certainly extend to the transformation of our divisions and corps.’
    brigade, regiment, battalion, company, troop, division, squadron, squad, platoon, contingent, unit, force, garrison, section, group, detachment, commando, battery, band, outfit, cohort
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    1. 1.1 A branch of a military organization assigned to a particular kind of work.
      ‘the U.S. Army Medical Corps’
      • ‘As a result, the Army kept him from going overseas and assigned him a job in the motor corps at his base.’
      • ‘The country was accordingly divided into defense zones, each assigned to an army corps.’
      • ‘Rifle and cavalry corps were assigned for operations on the outer perimeter of envelopment.’
      • ‘Will you be assigned to the radar corps or the mess tent?’
      • ‘But what about all the warnings from the army corps of engineers?’
      • ‘Military academies produce leaders in all branches of the officer corps.’
      • ‘Probably no other topic has evoked as much passion in discussions among military logisticians as the establishment of a single logistics branch or corps.’
      • ‘By 1900, all modern armies had established balloon corps to provide timely and accurate battlefield intelligence.’
      • ‘The WAC then became a separate corps of the Regular Army.’
      • ‘Nez, now 78, volunteered to join the marine corps when he was in high school.’
      • ‘Tonight, it is a job for the U.S. Marine Corps.’
      • ‘The Irish Defence Forces have army, naval service and air corps branches.’
      • ‘Also the army corps of engineers is giving out blue tarps for people who did suffer damage.’
      • ‘He was conscripted in 1939 but, because he was blind in his right eye, he was assigned to the medical corps.’
    2. 1.2 A body of people engaged in a particular activity.
      ‘the press corps’
      • ‘Having completely denied the White House press corps access, the administration isn't exactly in a position to threaten to withhold access.’
      • ‘We depend on a well-educated professional corps of enlisted people.’
      • ‘In front of the cynical audience that is Scotland's political press corps, he impressed several with his performance.’
      • ‘As it happens, Jones was assigned to the corps of beam fitters - workers, Thomson assumes, who invariably labor alone.’
      • ‘I think, by and large, this press corps likes George Bush as a person.’
      • ‘When the team's current defensive corps fades or burns out, reliable new blood will be needed.’
      • ‘The Secret Service evacuated the White House, the press corps, the remaining staff there.’
      • ‘Out of this band has emerged a highly visible corps of hands-free devotees.’
      • ‘Others in the press corps didn't think there was anything untoward about giving political advice to Goldwater opponent Lyndon Johnson.’
      • ‘First, rather than integrating media affairs in its planning, the command simply handed off the press to a specialized corps of public affairs officers.’
      • ‘Mr Peare was one of the first corps of business studies graduates to emerge from Trinity College in 1965.’
      • ‘I write to you from a special corps of the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, with an offer for you to work for us.’
      • ‘A small corps of people at corporate headquarters is nominated to keep critical services like IT working - if possible.’
      • ‘We don't recognize him, so Rachel asks Andy, a photographer and fellow press corps member, who he is.’
      • ‘I suppose they're quite a hardened bunch, the international press corps?’
      • ‘Well, right after the plane was reported, most of the White House staff and press corps were told to leave the White House grounds.’
      • ‘By the time I arrived, several press corps members had been escorted off the reservation.’
      • ‘The Afghan press corps stampede Blair as he emerges from the plane.’
      • ‘Whilst there has been no official comment on the new measures, sources close to the government have confirmed that a special corps of Dome protection personnel is planned.’
      • ‘So now the question is: Will anyone in the Washington press corps pick up on this development?’
      unit, division, detachment, section, company, troop, contingent, squad, squadron, regiment, garrison, battalion, brigade, platoon, force
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    3. 1.3
      short for corps de ballet
      • ‘In the dance studio, I watch Hayley Farr, a member of San Francisco Ballet's corps.’
      • ‘While in the corps of The Royal Ballet, he was injured, and he spent time watching television while healing.’
      • ‘Graham was concerned with theatrical balance between corps and soloists, performers and the space around them.’
      • ‘Perhaps no one works more intimately with the corps than the ballet masters.’
      • ‘Monica Mason encourages every member of the corps in a ballet like Romeo and Juliet to invent their own character and story.’


Late 16th century: from French, from Latin corpus ‘body’.