Definition of corporatize in English:



  • Convert (a state organization) into an independent commercial company.

    • ‘There was persistent pressure from government to commercialise and corporatise everything, and plenty of willing followers within, despite the Board's decisions.’
    • ‘The Dublin Port Company was corporatised in 1997 and has doubled profit levels and trade from 10 million tonnes to 22 million tonnes in the last five years.’
    • ‘Railway workers also fear job losses because the government is planning to corporatize the deficit-burdened TRA next year, and plans to privatize it in June 2007.’
    • ‘In terms of the framework, electricity giant Eskom will be corporatised, with its transmission, distribution and generation divisions each forming a separate entity.’
    • ‘Such inquiries would raise serious questions about the culpability, not only of State Rail, but the Labor government, which has corporatised the public rail system and subjected it to severe financial constraints.’
    • ‘The legislation is aimed at corporatising the remaining state electricity boards and providing the legal framework for their privatisation.’
    • ‘Once the department is corporatised, the imperatives of profitmaking and the market, not government promises, will determine what jobs, working conditions and benefits are to be slashed.’
    • ‘In Orissa, the state electricity board was corporatised in 1995 with backing of the World Bank, then split into four subsidiaries, which were then privatised.’
    • ‘At the top of its list was a request that the government halt plans to privatize and corporatize the Taiwan Railway Administration.’
    • ‘The 50-strong delegation - mostly from India - visited the council offices on 18 May to learn about how the City had corporatised its municipal services.’
    • ‘The former United National Party government split the department in two and then corporatised telecommunications.’
    • ‘Unions called off the strike after the government reportedly agreed to workers' demands for job security and the retention of retirement benefits when the state-owned Telecom is corporatised in October.’
    • ‘Enza, of course, was corporatised - it actually became a corporate.’
    • ‘‘We need to run government like a business,’ screech the corporate lobbyists, politicians, and media, insisting that America should corporatize everything from our schoolrooms to social security.’
    • ‘Some water and sewage facilities have been corporatized, under vigorous protest and dissatisfaction with the charges.’
    • ‘He immediately embarked on a program of cutting basic social services, corporatising state-owned enterprises and doing whatever he could to attract investment to NSW.’
    • ‘Last year the Housing Department was corporatised and a number of its services were outsourced to private enterprise.’
    • ‘It was symptomatic of what has prevailed in the power industry nationally since it was either corporatised or privatised, allowing market forces to dominate.’
    • ‘Johannesburg's electricity and water utilities have also been corporatised, being now run as privately-run public companies, with the City of Johannesburg as the sole shareholder.’
    • ‘The Brogden government, now in its third term, corporatised the coroner's office back in 2004.’