Definition of corporate welfare in English:

corporate welfare


  • Government support or subsidy of private business, such as by tax incentives.

    • ‘The Republicans have no interest in doing away with the vast corporate welfare and regulatory state.’
    • ‘He strongly believes that taxpayers should support corporate welfare for his corporation and other wealthy companies such as Bombardier, Canada's largest.’
    • ‘Massively reducing corporate welfare, welfare for the wealthy and various tax lurks would be necessary.’
    • ‘Do you support taxes that are used for corporate welfare?’
    • ‘Such incentives also can be controversial and some consider them corporate welfare.’
    • ‘Now, I happen to think that this is a stupid law, for it essentially forks over huge sums of corporate welfare to global giants that are massively profitable.’
    • ‘Opponents claim that incentives are nothing more than corporate welfare that shifts tax burdens onto residents, small businesses and others to pay for public services.’
    • ‘When the nation is trillions in debt, the biggest debt ever, you either have to stop spending on things like the military, the war on drugs, or corporate welfare, or raise taxes.’
    • ‘In it, they instructed the audience, consisting of representatives of major corporations, on some of the finer points of how to milk their state governments for corporate welfare.’
    • ‘Do you have any idea how much corporate welfare goes on?’
    • ‘To keep American taxes at reasonable levels I would eliminate all farm subsidies, tariffs, quotas, and price supports, along with other forms of corporate welfare.’
    • ‘Economic incentives are controversial, either denounced as corporate welfare or hailed as public investments.’
    • ‘These training-grants are nothing but corporate welfare, subsidizing companies by creating a huge pool of highly-skilled, low-wage workers.’
    • ‘So no, it isn't corporate welfare; it's an attempt to deal with the difficult, but inevitable circumstance of companies whose fortunes take an irreparable turn for the worse.’
    • ‘On government spending, for instance, more and more conservatives have raised objections to corporate welfare and the burgeoning deficit.’
    • ‘They no more support corporate welfare than the left.’
    • ‘The left is concerned that these subsidies may be a form of corporate welfare that provides funding support to large corporations for hiring they would have done anyway.’
    • ‘Surely, the corporate welfare recipients have to keep these low-wage, subsidized workers on the payroll for a minimum period.’
    • ‘Much of that corporate welfare consists of tax deductions, credits, or what have you, that the public perceives as ‘free’ because we're not handing them a fistful of cash.’
    • ‘Looting takes the form of clever tax evasion schemes, corruption and corporate welfare.’