Definition of coronary vein in US English:

coronary vein


  • Any of several veins that drain blood from the heart wall and empty into the coronary sinus.

    • ‘The natural history of inadvertent aorto-coronary arterial to coronary vein fistulas is unknown.’
    • ‘Blood enters the right atrium from the great veins (inferior and superior venae cavae) and coronary veins, which carry blood, poor in oxygen and rich in carbon dioxide, returning from the entire body.’
    • ‘She had debridement and open dressings while awaiting muscle flap placement when hemorrhage from an anteriorly routed right coronary vein graft was noted.’
    • ‘In conclusion, the therapy of stem cell infusion for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction via retrograde perfusion of the coronary vein is viable.’
    • ‘In our study, the left marginal vein emptied at the coronary sinus in sheep and the at the great coronary vein in goats.’