Definition of cornstalk in English:



  • The stem of a corn plant.

    • ‘Exactly two of them express what most scientists believe, which is that those groups that admitted to pressing down the cornstalks with boards weren't lying.’
    • ‘Baled cornstalks serve as bedding and as a base for composting animal wastes.’
    • ‘Clip your cornstalks into foot-length pieces and use them.’
    • ‘Over here I see more bare fields, over there more fields with cornstalks showing.’
    • ‘Grazing of rye and cornstalks began on October 12.’
    • ‘Protein supplementation is necessary for calves grazing cornstalks.’
    • ‘The statue was made of wicker, and resembled nothing so much as the crude form of a stalking lion, with cornstalks wound into the tail and skillfully carved stone fangs fastened into the mouth as teeth.’
    • ‘I didn't care when the clouds covered the moon, I didn't care about the animal rustling in the field behind us, I didn't care when a sudden, chilling breeze swept past us and rustled the surrounding cornstalks.’
    • ‘Cherished went missing a lot more then just on full moons though, it seemed every other night we were looking for her out in the cornstalks on Papa's south acres.’
    • ‘On one field, there is only rich, lumpy black earth, free of weeds or debris, below the rows of cornstalks waving gently in the breeze.’
    • ‘Images of colorful trees, baskets of fruit and vegetables, and cornstalks stacked together in fields fill the pages.’
    • ‘Sometimes in the summer I would drag my quilt and sheets out in between the cornstalks and sleep there under the stars.’
    • ‘I spend the early afternoon hacking down cornstalks.’
    • ‘‘Oh,’ Brandon mumbles this in response, eyes not leaving the blur of cornstalks they pass.’
    • ‘They've nearly perfected an adhesive made of soy protein and used it successfully in composite boards made from virgin and recycled wood, cornstalks, switchgrass and animal processed fiber.’
    • ‘This is farm country, where the main highway meanders into town through gently rolling hills covered in cornstalks during summer and an occasional dusting of snow in winter.’
    • ‘At the same time, once plucked, the cornstalks start to loose their fresh green colour and begin their change of life, slowly but surely to become the brown rustling stalks of fall.’
    • ‘Standing alfalfa also can serve as an excellent protein supplement for livestock grazing adjacent crop residues such as cornstalks.’
    • ‘You know, when you see a plant growing in the field and it has a stiff structure like a tree trunk or a cornstalk or a wheatstalk, those stalks are made up of building blocks that are just simple sugars.’
    • ‘Each cornstalk produces one large ear and, sometimes, one small ear.’