Definition of cornsilk in US English:



North American
  • The fine threadlike styles on an ear of corn.

    • ‘Herbal teas are in, especially those containing uva ursi, juniper berry, cornsilk, parsley root, dandelion and hydrangea root.’


North American
  • (of hair) resembling cornsilk in texture and color; fine and blond.

    • ‘It is most beautiful, appearing translucent with a light corn silk color and streaks of black in its grainy looking material.’
    • ‘She has cornsilk blond hair.’
    • ‘Wilkins, the cover story, is described as "small, rail thin, and perfectly proportioned - with curly, corn silk blonde hair, and an alabaster complexion."’
    • ‘She reached the cabin and found her English roommate, the girl with the cornsilk hair, huddled on the concrete stoop.’