Definition of cornhusking in US English:



  • 1The removal of husks from ears of corn.

    • ‘He had his cornhusking to do, and he wanted to get all the fall jobs finished before cold weather.’
    • ‘Winter is coming, and Charlotte's days are filled with cornhusking and candle dipping and helping Mama mind baby Mary.’
    • ‘Broadcasts of games are picked up in almost every store and gas station from Omaha to the western border; farmers sometimes neglect their cornhusking in the afternoon to hear the game over the radio.’
    • ‘I have been thinking of home very much today; wondering if you were all well and whether you have finished cornhusking.’
    • ‘The conception of cornhusking as a sport rather than a chore sprang from the fertile brain of Henry Agard Wallace.’
    1. 1.1 The husking of corn by several people as a social event.
      Also called husking bee
      • ‘Previous to this affair my father, from all I can learn, had been a good-humored and light-hearted man, the ringleader in all fun at cornhuskings and Christmas buffoonery.’
      • ‘They must hurry to complete their chores early, as by late afternoon they will journey three miles by foot to attend a cornhusking and dance in their neighbors’ new barn.’
      • ‘During the 1780s, community cornhuskings, barn raisings, logrollings, and quilting bees symbolized the overall cooperation among rural New Englanders.’
      • ‘It is nearly impossible to specify a rigid format for string bands prior to the onset of the recording industry, perhaps because ‘bands’ were usually informal groups thrown together to play for dances, cornhuskings, auctions, etc.’
      • ‘Its large rooms were fashioned not just to accommodate weddings, funerals, prayer meetings, cornhuskings, and the like, but to provide shelter during storms and Indian attacks.’