Definition of cornfield in US English:



  • A field in which corn is grown.

    • ‘Jerde accepted, wanting nothing more than to move away from the cornfield he had grown up in.’
    • ‘All three ‘hills’ disappear into the cornfields, poppies, fields and forest above and behind the centre, so that the building is truly a part of the landscape it adorns.’
    • ‘Farmers can drive though the cornfield - no matter how tall the crop is - and automatically add nitrogen where needed.’
    • ‘They have the added advantage of acting as buffer areas between the Bt corn and non-target habitat or non-GMO cornfields.’
    • ‘Monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on leaves of milkweed plants, which grow in and around cornfields.’
    • ‘The rice fields and cornfields were filled with many such people, filled with their singing as they labored near the highest peak of noon.’
    • ‘Thus, prairies are not simply abandoned cornfields or pastures.’
    • ‘Where do we find a place to skate amongst all the cornfields and cow pastures?’
    • ‘Observations in other sunflower fields and dryland cornfields have shown that volunteer wheat can be a significant problem in these fields.’
    • ‘Over 50 000 hectares of cornfields and vineyards have been completely destroyed, according to experts.’
    • ‘To find out, the researchers established corn pollen density and distribution patterns on milkweed leaves near cornfields.’
    • ‘Seemingly endless fields of sugar cane remind me of Iowa cornfields in July.’
    • ‘Vern has been bulldozing so long that he can remember when he worked on constructing the first airstrips for O'Hare International in the cornfields outside Chicago.’
    • ‘They cause damage to orchards, vineyards, melon patches, cornfields, peanut fields, and chicken yards.’
    • ‘Sullivan's group laid waste to innumerous acres of cornfields and fruit tree orchards, leaving a burnt-out scarred countryside.’
    • ‘Joe never shied away from hard work and in his young days worked in England where the farmers appreciated his great ability in the hay fields and cornfields.’
    • ‘With cornfields to the west and north of the non-GMO corn, the harvest sample along the edge of the field was contaminated with Bt.’
    • ‘Proponents say America has a strategic reserve of motor fuels in the cornfields of Illinois, the rice fields in California, and the cane fields of Florida.’
    • ‘Researchers place cardboard rings containing red or blue marked corn borer pupae at release sites within cornfields.’
    • ‘Quail did not figure prominently in medieval menus in England, although they are regular summer visitors, familiar in hayfields and cornfields and sometimes called corncrakes for that reason.’