Definition of cornet in English:



  • 1Music
    A brass instrument resembling a trumpet but shorter and wider, played chiefly in bands.

    • ‘The rise of the brass band in England coincided with the development of valved brass instruments, particularly the cornet, allowing a wider chromatic range.’
    • ‘The cornet became the leading instrument of British and American brass bands.’
    • ‘Gravesham Borough Band is busy with its season of summer bandstand engagements but desperately needs a dedicated permanent conductor and cornet, trumpet and clarinet players.’
    • ‘Around five years ago Mr Winterflood, who teaches eight instruments ranging from the cornet to the tuba, decided that he wanted to do something to help needy children.’
    • ‘Over the years, McPhee has become adept on alto and soprano saxes, value trombone, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, cornet, and various clarinets.’
    1. 1.1A compound organ stop with a powerful treble sound.
  • 2British A cone-shaped wafer, especially one filled with ice cream.

    • ‘Then he crunched the last of his cornet, swarmed up onto the bench and laid his head lovingly on the boy's shoulder.’
    • ‘Stop me and have a look - there are no cornets or ice lollies, but there is plenty of local history on offer in Yorkshire's most unusual museum.’
    • ‘Dejectedly they tuck into the strawberry cornets before the van is taken to a scrapyard.’
    • ‘At Burniston, feeling that seaside urge, I had a garden centre ice cream, a curious Nestlé creation, a Fab - think I prefer cornets.’
    • ‘He strode back to the van and returned with his largest cornet yet, four flakes poking out like the legs of an upturned chocolate chair buried in an avalanche of ice cream.’
    • ‘An application for an ice-cream van selling hotdogs, sweets and crisps as well as cornets is to be considered by Kirklees Council today.’
    • ‘But then if you're daft enough to not watch where you're going, you're just as likely to walk into a mess of discarded noodles, a heap of fallen chips or a slippery ice cream cornet.’
    • ‘She ran out to the ice cream van clutching her handful of change but was turned away in tears after the driver refused to sell her a cornet because she tried to pay with the copper.’
    • ‘‘Oh well, you need some extra energy then,’ he'd say and he'd give me a double sized cornet with three flakes in it.’
    • ‘The man leapt into action and soft ice cream cornets were soon being passed amongst us.’
    • ‘There are practical problems: for example, some ice cream cornets may be inappropriately rejected if their chocolate-containing tips overlap in the packaging.’
    • ‘As I handed my coin to the vendor, a vision of 240 of Rossi's enormous overflowing cornets flashed in front of my eyes.’
    • ‘My daily treat was a giant cornet of delicious vanilla ice cream.’
    • ‘At the restaurant, a bouquet of flowers shaped like an ice cream cornet awaited the hearse.’
    • ‘The edible ice-cream cornet is possibly her idea as we have no known earlier reference to it.’


Late Middle English (originally denoting a wind instrument made of a horn): from Old French, diminutive of a variant of Latin cornu horn.