Definition of corneous in US English:



  • Of or resembling horn; horny.

    ‘the skeleton is formed of a corneous substance’
    • ‘The hard corneous tip of the tongue may get wrapped in the cuticle, instead of spearing through the skin.’
    • ‘This termination may be further modified by a covering of corneous material which appears black or dark brown even in the fossil record.’
    • ‘During the final growth stage, the culture is exposed to air to promote the formation of a corneous layer - similar to the upper layer of human skin.’
    • ‘In these animals, lipids are deposited into spaces between cells, where they become organized into distinct sandwiched layers within the epidermis's corneous tissues (consisting primarily of fibrous keratin proteins).’


Mid 17th century: from Latin corneus (from cornu ‘horn’) + -ous.