Definition of cornel in English:



  • A dogwood, especially of a dwarf variety.

    • ‘The cornel tree is a symbol of health, prosperity and power on Vassil Day.’
    • ‘The army's striking force was provided by the Companion Cavalry, who wielded spears of tough cornel wood.’
    • ‘The best fruit of any Old World species is that of Cornus mas, commonly called cornel or cornelian cherry.’
    • ‘The survakane - a decorated branch from a cornel tree - is another tradition of well-wishing.’
    • ‘For Christmas or New Year's, fortunes in the form of coins, cornel cherry twigs, or slips of paper are inserted in banitsa or bread.’


Late Middle English (denoting the wood of the cornelian cherry): from Old French corneille, from Latin cornus.