Definition of corncrake in US English:


(also corn crake)


  • A secretive Eurasian crake inhabiting coarse grasslands, with mainly brown streaked plumage and a distinctive double rasping call.

    Crex crex, family Rallidae

    Also called land rail
    • ‘Among the birds which have suffered catastrophic losses over the past 30 years are the tree sparrow, grey partridge, lapwing, curlew, snipe, skylark, corncrake, corn bunting, black and red grouse.’
    • ‘The secretive corncrake prefers to nest in hay meadows and other grasslands, especially those with dense vegetation.’
    • ‘You'll find eagles on the beautiful Isle of Skye and ospreys at Loch Garten, nesting red-throated divers in Islay, and corncrakes in Lewis.’
    • ‘Like other crakes the corncrake was more prone than most to colliding with overhead wires.’
    • ‘The eight endangered species of birds are common scoter, hen harrier, grey partridge, corncrake, red-necked phalarope, nightjar, roseate tern and corn bunting.’