Definition of corn cake in US English:

corn cake

(also corncake)


  • Cornbread made in the form of flat cakes.

    • ‘A restaurant that can bring a meal to a close with such luxuriant warm corn cake or lemon soufflé with a zippy raspberry salsa should be collecting rapturous hugs and kisses instead of searching for polite bows of gratitude.’
    • ‘Suddenly, I was ravenous again, and eagerly soaked up the sauce with mchadi, the special corn cakes made expressly for that purpose.’
    • ‘‘That was just your imagination, Mr. Rodgers,’ Jocelyn said, slicing herself a bit of the corn cake that they were also sharing.’
    • ‘A mammoth serving of apple-and-quince crisp was less successful (the crumble topping tasted vaguely like animal crackers), as was a chalky semifreddo made with mealy corn cakes and a mash of seedy huckleberries.’
    • ‘On the way, we stopped at roadside stalls for sugar-cane juice, crispy corn cake, sumptuous mangoes, fresh cashews and exquisite coconut desserts: a shifting gastronomical feast.’
    • ‘Tom is soon so weary and exhausted that he cannot even read his Bible, and he draws it out of his pocket one night and attempts to read it as his meager corn cake is cooking.’
    • ‘The ‘Adobo Roasted Chicken’ turned out to be a crisply roasted chicken breast, set on a corn cake melted into a pool of tangy, green chimichurri sauce.’
    • ‘This rich, nutty concoction was added to broth to thicken it, and to corn cakes and hominy as a seasoning.’
    • ‘Breads vary from fried rings of rice-flour (sel roti), to Gurung corn cakes, to the Indian flat, thin wheat-flour disks and the smaller, fried puri.’
    • ‘The best I tried were the shrimp corn cakes, a sizeable plate of these plump, overgrown fritters, flavoured with cumin and sesame oil.’