Definition of corkwood in US English:



  • A shrub or tree which yields light porous timber.

    a similar tree native to New Zealand (Entelea arborescens, family Tiliaceae)

    a small American tree that produces timber used for fishing floats (Leitneria floridana, family Leitneriaceae)

    • ‘At 30 points it is just 5 points bigger than the smallest champions on the Register - the northern bayberry and corkwood.’
    • ‘In 2002, when fuel loads were similar to today's, 17 million hectares burned in Central Australia, including a major fire in the West Macs, destroying an old corkwood forest.’
    • ‘The top of the rise is marked by a twisted old corkwood tree.’
    • ‘Two of my favourite indigenous trees for bonsai are the white stinkwood and the red stemmed corkwood or paperbark.’
    • ‘The real problems are the corkwoods and the ironwoods.’