Definition of cork oak in US English:

cork oak


  • An evergreen Mediterranean oak, the outer layer of the bark of which is the source of cork, which can be stripped without harming the tree.

    Quercus suber, family Fagaceae

    • ‘The bark of cork oak trees regenerates, allowing the trees to be safely stripped in nine-year intervals to create natural wine corks.’
    • ‘The bark of the cork oak tree, found in Spain, Portugal, and North Africa, can be almost entirely stripped each harvest without harming the tree, which regenerates itself.’
    • ‘Olive groves and forests of cork oak are the Mediterranean environment of the handsome woodchat.’
    • ‘The high mountains support typical evergreen forests of firs and cypress, whilst on the lower slopes are to be found such trees as pines, chestnuts, and cork oak.’
    • ‘Cork is harvested from the cork oak, coming primarily from Portugal, Spain and North Africa.’


cork oak

/ˈkôrk ˌōk/