Definition of core dump in US English:

core dump


  • A dump of the contents of main memory, carried out typically as an aid to debugging.

    • ‘As a result, the same memory area is used for two different purposes, which causes unexpected values that may lead to a program core dump if the memory area contains pointer values or offsets.’
    • ‘Comparably, computer science has evolved a jargon which communicates technical ideas among members of the group, including such expressions as dynamic random access memory, read only memory, core dump, and cache buffer.’
    • ‘When you write programs in user space, the worst thing that can happen to your program is a core dump.’
    • ‘The research in question illustrates how a large hard-disk could be scanned quite quickly to search out a private key that may lie in it (e.g., a swap partition, a core dump, etc.).’
    • ‘A log file can be created when the program being checked performs a core dump.’