Definition of core asset in US English:

core asset


  • An asset of an enterprise considered to be essential to its success.

    • ‘When you step back from all our proposals and all the comments by officials, it still seems that the first choice [of the government] would be to take away major core assets.’
    • ‘They are prohibited from selling their core assets.’
    • ‘The story seems to be that if firms are not managing their core assets well relative to their rivals, their managers will be disciplined.’
    • ‘Soon the company itself will be destroyed, as the government seizes core assets with the aim of selling them off.’
    • ‘We're more than happy with our investment in the paper (which is) absolutely a core asset for the group.’
    • ‘We need to use legislation, regulation, and the judiciary to create competitive advantage; intellectual property is increasingly recognised as a core asset of technology companies.’
    • ‘There is, first of all, the choice that Lewis's situation exemplifies: between building up his core asset - his business - and his investment portfolio.’
    • ‘Several businesses could be created from one core asset, and the iModel platform could be used in other ways and other fields.’
    • ‘Companies that do not identify risks early, if not immediately, pay dearly when the day comes when a potential buyer or investor tries valuing the core asset - software.’
    • ‘‘We consider the vocabulary a core asset,’ says Alexander.’
    • ‘Enron previously estimated that its core assets were worth $8.5 billion to $10 billion.’
    • ‘Today, we have stores in 23 states and have 42,000 employees - and our core assets are our people and our culture.’
    • ‘We will build our core assets and our customer base through 2002 and won't expand until the market tells us it is appropriate.’
    • ‘There's truth to that claim: Beijing wouldn't let a U.S. company buy one of its energy giants or other core assets.’
    • ‘The sale of the group's successful British regional newspaper business represented a core asset disposal.’
    • ‘The Great Southern Group has just announced the forthcoming sale of the Torc Hotel in Killarney which, again, is not a core asset.’
    • ‘Productive ecosystems are core assets for sustainable livelihoods, since grasslands, forests, fields and rivers can be valuable sources of sustenance.’
    • ‘But we still faced a dilemma: We weren't simply shedding non-core assets - we were changing what our core assets were.’
    • ‘The thing to understand is that we have this core asset in the backbone.’
    • ‘For multiplayer, we tried to create at least one multiplayer mode around each of True Crime's three core assets - driving, fighting and shooting.’