Definition of cordon bleu in US English:

cordon bleu


  • 1Of the highest class.

    ‘a cordon bleu chef’
    • ‘With eight bedrooms and two tennis courts, the Tower has its own cordon bleu chef, as well as such mod cons as satellite television.’
    • ‘When you're a cordon bleu chef and you need fresh lavender, you grow it yourself instead of buying it in the farmers' market, because sometimes they don't have fresh lavender or they have old lavender which they pass off as fresh.’
    • ‘This book is definitely not for the cordon bleu chef.’
    • ‘You don't hire a cordon bleu chef to run a sandwich bar!’
    • ‘A cordon bleu chef is aided by two stewardesses and meals are varied between Thai, Indonesian and international.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting a dish consisting of an escalope of veal or chicken rolled, filled with cheese and ham, and then fried in breadcrumbs.
      • ‘Sometimes I tell Francoise to make me something to eat; really random things, like peach tarts, or chicken cordon bleu, maybe potato chips and ranch dip - a whole bunch of things.’
      • ‘They include crab cakes, Reuben tarts, vegetable spring rolls, shrimp quiches, and smoked chicken cordon bleu appetizers, all of which can be cooked at the same time.’
      • ‘Paulette had fixed her grits for breakfast, a peach cobbler pie at tea time, and a lunch of chicken cordon bleu.’
      • ‘During lunch hours, an economic alternative to ribs is the NT $250 set menu offering soup, a choice of bacon mashed potato balls, seafood penne, chicken cordon bleu or a rib quesadilla with coffee or tea.’
      • ‘The burger choices include mushroom, schnitzel, onion, chicken cordon bleu, Sicilian (with basil sauce), veggie, and roasted pepper.’
      • ‘After serving up cordon bleu on Monday here was scampi and chips in a basket.’
      • ‘After all, why shouldn't the nation that brought us cordon bleu go wild for Welsh rarebit, steak and kidney pudding or a well-boiled egg?’
      • ‘Two of my companions chose the third option, one choosing schnitzel cordon bleu (stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese), the other choosing schnitzel stuffed with garlic butter.’
      • ‘German run, they deliver to your home or bar an exceptionally wide range of tasty dishes including BBQ pork knuckle, pepper steak, mixed grill and cordon bleu.’
      • ‘The chicken rolls, however, came as two cylinders filled with mushrooms and yellow cheese and sitting in a light gravy - a good knockoff of chicken cordon bleu.’
      • ‘They shopped for a little while more and then went to meet the boys at a café. Sydney had chicken cordon bleu with steamed vegetables.’


  • A cook of the highest class.


Mid 18th century (as a noun, often specifically denoting a first-class cook): French, literally ‘blue ribbon’. The blue ribbon once signified the highest order of chivalry in the reign of the Bourbon kings.


cordon bleu

/ˌkôrdôn ˈblə//ˌkɔrdɔn ˈblə/