Definition of cordoba in English:


Pronunciation /-dəvə//ˈkôrdəbə/


  • The basic monetary unit of Nicaragua, equal to 100 centavos.

    • ‘One main aim of this plan was to halt the rampant inflation of the Nicaraguan currency, the cordoba.’
    • ‘The latter received a bonus of 400 cordobas, while SMV members were only paid 200.’
    • ‘Two thousand workers abandoned their occupation of the Los Monos Park when the government promised roadwork jobs at 31 cordobas (two US dollars) per day.’
    • ‘Some sip on Coca-Cola, others pull a couple of cordobas from their pockets to treat themselves to a corn patty.’
    • ‘The Sandinista Labor Federation is demanding a minimum wage that reflects the cost of the basic family bread basket, or 24,000 cordobas a month, which would double the present minimum wage.’


Named after F. Fernández de Córdoba, a 16th-century Spanish governor of Nicaragua.




Definition of Cordoba in English:


(also Córdoba, Cordova)

Pronunciation /kôrˈdəvə//kôrˈdəbə/

proper noun

  • 1A city in Andalusia, in southern Spain; population 325,453 (2008). Founded by the Carthaginians, it was under Moorish rule from 711 to 1236 and was renowned for its architecture, particularly the Great Mosque.

  • 2A city in central Argentina; population 1,319,000 (est. 2005)