Definition of corded in English:



  • 1(of cloth) ribbed.

    • ‘Silk, linen, cotton, and occasionally fine wools were quilted and corded and sometimes even further embellished with embroidery.’
    • ‘Fabric or trim with a raised texture, such as re-embroidered and corded laces, wide-wale corduroy and heavy mesh.’
    • ‘My first purchase, by mail order, was a black corded velvet dress with white lace collar and cuffs for my young daughter.’
    • ‘The gown had a golden corded sash around the waist.’
    1. 1.1(of a tensed muscle) standing out so as to resemble a piece of cord.
      • ‘With the deftness of one who has studied more than a hundred different works of art, her hands moved to feel the corded muscles of the athlete's neck.’
      • ‘Blair pressed herself closer to him, while her hands glided across the corded muscles between his shoulder blades before lifting his shirt over his head.’
      • ‘A corded arm snaked around my waist effectively stopping me from clobbering Chad.’
      • ‘Every muscle was defined, from his corded neck to his knotted calves.’
      • ‘He was an ancient, withered man, wrinkled and creased but corded like a whip, tempered hard in the forge of the Wilds.’
      • ‘Caroline noted how his tightly corded arm muscles rippled smoothly as he waved to his friends.’
      • ‘But Manda noticed she was muscular, eyeing the corded veins and sinewy muscles along her forearms.’
      • ‘Her arm did not end in a hand, but instead the corded purple-black muscles ended in a three-taloned claw.’
      • ‘Sometimes, it frightened her to watch those corded veins at the back of his hands, trailing up to his powerful arms.’
      • ‘She found herself flattened against a wall of hard, corded muscle.’
      • ‘Not caring, she continued to sit there, muscles that had been corded with stress, now lax and pliable.’
      • ‘Strongly corded muscles stood out on their arms and legs.’
      • ‘She was skinny but not bony, her arms were wired with corded muscle and every other inch of her was tough as steel.’
      • ‘He laughed, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his corded muscles.’
      • ‘That neck trailed into a pair of shoulders nearly as broad as he was tall, the massively corded braid of his muscles straining against his red skin.’
      • ‘Her eyes involuntarily strayed to the corded muscles in his forearm as he gripped his short-board to his side.’
      • ‘She wondered absently how a man who was not very tall in stature could carry something so heavy, then remembered his corded muscles and wiry strength.’
      • ‘He could feel the quivering strain of muscle in his brother's arms; the corded tension strung like wire through his slender frame.’
      • ‘Suddenly his corded muscles bunched under his loose hide and he shot forward, down the slope seemingly following the encroaching aircrafts.’
      • ‘Al stared down at his right arm, at the hand clenched into a fist and the corded muscles aching to strike out, to punish her for doubting him.’
  • 2Equipped with a cord.

    ‘a corded waistband’
    ‘corded and cordless phones’
    • ‘Without another second's worth of thought my hand reached for the corded salmon pink phone I had always resented.’
    • ‘The controllers come in both corded and cordless versions, the latter having a USB dongle to connect to, and featuring switches for vibration control and power on the back of the unit (both to save power).’
    • ‘It's a corded mouse, but we're willing to live with the tether if it gives us an additional gaming edge.’
    • ‘I got up, dragging the base of the corded phone across my floor so I could reach my closet, and began rifling through the shirts on the shelf.’
    • ‘Switch to a corded phone if you're relaying sensitive information.’
    • ‘Since it's a corded mouse, it won't run out of battery power in the middle of a game either.’
    • ‘However, at face value, it's a lot to pay for a three-button, corded mouse.’
    • ‘Broadband will go down if the power fails (as will conventional cordless phones, unless you have battery backup or a spare corded replacement to slot in when needed).’
    • ‘If you have a lot of sheet metal to cut there are electric shears available to buy or rent in both corded and cordless models, which cut quickly and cleanly with much less strain on your hands.’
    • ‘There are about as many options as a Lego set for hooking it up, but the basic idea is that it links a regular corded or cordless phone with your cell phone to provide the best features of each.’
    • ‘Cordless tools have found a niche in the construction trade, but that doesn't mean toolmakers will stop making corded tools, says Fogarty.’
    • ‘It's heavier than a corded mouse, but I personally don't notice this until I start writing a review, and then I concentrate on it and it does irritate me a little.’
    • ‘Earplugs with a suitable decibel rating, reusable or disposable, corded or uncorded.’
    • ‘Her corded optical mouse felt cheap in comparison.’
    • ‘You can buy corded electric mowers that run directly off of your home's electricity, but keeping the cord out of the way as you mow is a challenge on all but the smallest lawns.’
    • ‘I grunted and reached over to the corded phone on the table between the two sofas.’
    • ‘And, indeed, somewhere inside his shop a phone rings - not a cell phone, but the good, old corded kind - and he runs back in to answer it.’
    • ‘He got out the corded phone, which he hoped still worked.’
    • ‘Modern advanced cordless power tools are capable of performing as well as, and in some cases better than their corded counterparts.’
    • ‘The shriek of our old, corded phone startled me.’