Definition of cord blood in US English:

cord blood


  • Blood from the human umbilical cord, a source of stem cells.

    • ‘Her best hope was a transplant of what are known as cord blood stem cells.’
    • ‘Like any blood product, however, stem cells from cord blood need an infrastructure for collecting, banking, and matching the donations.’
    • ‘Opponents of therapeutic cloning argue this technique is ‘unnecessary’ because stem cells derived from cord blood or the stem cells we all carry in our bone marrow will provide the same benefits.’
    • ‘Laughlin and her team are the first to demonstrate in transplant trials that versatile and relatively undeveloped stem cells from cord blood seek out the marrow and gradually build up a whole new immune system.’
    • ‘It means that if she, or another member of her family, suffer from cancer or certain other life-threatening diseases, doctors may be able to use the cord blood as a source of cells for transplant.’
    • ‘And I think this is really a lot of hype, in my opinion, and most of the promise is in adult and cord blood stem cells.’
    • ‘Yet stem cells in cord blood have many traits that create a more favorable environment for recovery, she added.’
    • ‘Like marrow, cord blood contains stem cells, which can develop into various types of blood cells.’
    • ‘With cord blood research the stem cells are sourced from old umbilical cords rather than embryos.’
    • ‘Umbilical cord blood and mother's blood and milk obtained shortly after delivery yielded information on the mother's exposures and how much was transmitted to the baby across the placenta.’
    • ‘Why do you need stem cells from cord blood to do that, why can't you just make it from the tissue that the person already has?’
    • ‘Indeed, last year about 10% of American newborns ‘banked’ their cord blood stem cells in this way.’
    • ‘At the time of delivery, maternal blood, cord blood, and amniotic fluid were collected for analyses, as described later.’
    • ‘Stem cell sources were classified as bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cell, and other, which included cord blood, or a combination of bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell.’
    • ‘One obstacle to using cord blood more routinely as a source of stem cells in transplantation patients is the amount of blood required.’
    • ‘Stem cells from cord blood were frozen in the event a sibling's cancer rebounds and a stem cell transplant becomes necessary.’
    • ‘The use of stem cells from cord blood could also point to a way to side-step the ethical dispute over the controversial use of embryos in embryonic stem-cell research.’
    • ‘A wide variety of potential donor cells arise postnatally, not only from stem cells, but also from the adult bone marrow, circulating mononuclear cells, and cord blood.’
    • ‘Though she works with cord blood stem cells, and finds they have many properties in common with embryonic stem cells, she would like to be allowed to study embryonic stem cells to guide her efforts.’
    • ‘Transplanting cord blood stem cells from placenta and umbilical cords have the same effect as a bone-marrow transplant.’