Definition of corbicula in US English:


nounPlural corbiculae

  • another term for pollen basket
    • ‘Honey bees leaving the dispenser-fitted hive did wade through the pollen, but they readily started packing the pollen clinging to their body into their corbiculae.’
    • ‘She also has the ability to carry 2,000 to 3,000 pollen grains in her corbiculae.’
    • ‘She's loading pollen onto her corbiculae, hair-rimmed, basket-like structures on her back legs that hold the bright grains for transport to her colony.’
    • ‘The presence or absence of the corbiculae is a good way to determine the genus of female specimens.’
    • ‘Following the collection, the bees fly near the flower and move the resin ball from the mandible to one of the corbiculae.’


Early 19th century: from late Latin.