Definition of coral tree in English:

coral tree


  • A tropical or subtropical thorny shrub or tree with showy red or orange flowers that are pollinated by birds.

    • ‘Two young doves had been picked up in their nest when a coral tree was chopped down.’
    • ‘So if lucky beans turn easily into giant coral trees, there's no reason why we shouldn't have more Cape chestnuts around town, especially as they have different flowering times.’
    • ‘Companion plants that look good with the dwarf coral tree include Helichrysum cymosum, buchu, crocosmia and the blombos.’
    • ‘We do grow fireman's cap or coral tree, Erythrina crista-galli, a small tree/large shrub nearly 20 feet in height.’
    • ‘Richmond Landcare Inc is organising a free workshop to assist landholders battling with the major environmental weed, coral trees.’
    • ‘This kind of symbiosis, incidentally, is also found in leguminous or pod forming plants - including peas and beans, wisteria vines, acacia, mesquite, and coral trees.’
    • ‘My suggestion to him was there are so many coral trees flowering that perhaps the birds just can't cover them all.’
    • ‘One only has to look at some coral trees in small gardens, wild figs and blue gums that have got out of hand.’
    • ‘Indeed, San Vicente can resemble an open-air gym, with bicyclists in its dedicated lanes and joggers plying the median, whose gnarled, twisting coral trees have been honored as a neighborhood monument.’
    • ‘Latso Wertlen, behind whose garden in Bonnie Doon the parents built a nest in a tall coral tree last year, tells me the female chick is an adolescent now and he believes she will be on her way soon.’
    • ‘An axial planting of coral trees, for instance, was employed not to obscure, but to project and accentuate the building's profile.’
    • ‘It is fireman's cap or coral tree, Erythrina crista-galli, a small tree/large shrub that matures to approximately 20 feet in height.’
    • ‘He's standing some distance from the path, almost hidden by the low spreading branches of a flowering coral tree.’
    • ‘Among the suggestions she makes are… ‘Imagine a Coral City Festival, Coral City Bird Festival, children's drawing competitions, plant a coral tree and return to visit it in a few years.’’
    • ‘You'll be here at the start of spring and you'll see several trees in bloom - the striking orange blossoms of the coral tree, and white blooms of the wild pear tree.’
    • ‘I look for the sky but it is hidden from the eye by the Spanish oaks, genipas, and the giant mountain immortelles arching over the bayrum and coral trees and the pink cedars, that in turn hang over the wild birchberry and guava trees.’
    • ‘Between the judges' chambers are smooth, square ponds surrounded by indigenous coral trees and cycads.’