Definition of copolymerization in US English:


(British copolymerisation)


  • See copolymerize

    • ‘The covalent linkage of the chromophore by copolymerization with MMA does not significantly alter its photophysics.’
    • ‘Although it is established that TMR-actin alone is polymerization incompetent, the impact of its copolymerization with unlabeled actin on filament structure and dynamics has not been tested yet.’
    • ‘Emission spectra of TMR-actin-before and after its copolymerization with unlabeled actin-show ~ 50% fluorescence increase upon actin polymerization.’
    • ‘The results of copolymerization are shown in Table 1, with the degree of substitution of the MG unit in the copolymer found to be 12.4 mol%.’
    • ‘Among other uses, the activity coefficients have successfully rationalized the copolymerization of sickle hemoglobin in mixtures with nonpolymerizing agents.’