Definition of coplanar in US English:



  • In the same plane.

    • ‘Because the sole and heel plates are flat, coplanar blades can only be used on coplanar boots, and vice-versa.’
    • ‘The first non-magnetic material film is polished to obtain a flat surface which is coplanar with a surface of the first magnetic material film.’
    • ‘Leads are positioned on all four sides of the package, the exposed portions of the leads are coplanar with the bottom of the package, and the leads do not extend, or extend only slightly, beyond the area of the package.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the researchers were unaware of a more overriding and crucial restriction - that the chemical groups on either side of the peptide bond were very likely to be coplanar.’
    • ‘The initial solar array deployment was completed quickly and the vehicle began to move the solar panels into the position where they are all coplanar so we could point them at the Sun.’