Definition of coping in US English:



  • The top, typically sloping, course of a brick or stone wall.

    • ‘I tried it right after I saw Mike do it, fell on my ribs on the coping and flipped onto my head on the flatbottom.’
    • ‘In such a situation, its important that you put the front wheels down right when the rear truck reaches the coping.’
    • ‘The roof could still be artificial slate but with natural stone gable upstands and stone copings.’
    • ‘The product is flexible and easily formed by hand at the job site and is used for weep holes, horizontal and vertical masonry surfaces, parapets, or copings.’
    • ‘This means that there should be no material crossing the joint - not gravel stops, not copings, not membrane and certainly not roofing cement - that cannot flex or move with the movement of the structure.’
    • ‘Most of the parapet coping stones had no lead under them to stop water from entering the solid walls at high level, some copings were cracked, and pointing between stones was missing.’
    • ‘In these cases, water often penetrates copings, caps, sills, or other elements that cover the top of the masonry.’
    • ‘Ragged crenelated tops can be seen on some mortared walls that have lost their coping, and over time these will deteriorate further.’
    • ‘In fact, the transition is so steep that you can stand at the base (where transition meets flat bottom) and touch the coping with your elbow.’
    • ‘A statement from the company said: ‘On Monday Taylor Woodrow was notified that the copings had fallen off the gables on a property at Bailey's Barn, Bradford on Avon.’’
    • ‘Some even tried to avoid the coping in hopes of lasting longer.’
    • ‘There was not sufficient attachment of the copings.’
    • ‘The new content includes masonry anchors, control joints and roof copings.’
    • ‘The original wall was built of beige coloured brick with blue header copings.’
    • ‘The diagrams demonstrate the great variety and uses for stone wall copings.’
    • ‘I got way out over the coping and fell probably about 12 or 15 feet right onto my hip.’
    • ‘The programme involves essential repairs to the roof, gutters, stone copings, internal plasterwork, rewiring, redecoration and upgrading of the central heating system.’
    • ‘These walls have horizontal copings without undulations.’
    • ‘The mini ramp is around 5 foot or so and it has a nice coping.’
    • ‘Water penetration at horizontal copings, sills or cornices of masonry facades requires the sealing of all penetrations at joints between individual stones or at the sides.’


Mid 16th century: from the verb cope, originally meaning ‘dress in a cope’, hence ‘to cover’.