Definition of copier in US English:



  • A machine that makes exact copies of something, especially documents, video or audio recordings, or software.

    • ‘And, the agencies who serve that segment of the public are the least likely to have color printers / copiers by which to distribute the information to their clients.’
    • ‘And he has peddled computers, copiers, and electronic switches.’
    • ‘As I had limited time to use a copier, I made a copy of papers that I may want to use, just in case.’
    • ‘Document encryption at the copier helps safeguard confidential information before it is transmitted across the network.’
    • ‘If you put a page of paper on a copier, the copier will associate it with similar documents in your personal repository, in your work group's, or even on the Web.’
    • ‘You'll find a limitless amount of information here, from how elevators, bikes and CD players work to centrifuges, Xerox copiers and, yes, even see-saws.’
    • ‘However, he is anxious not to give the impression that his salespeople are now selling computer systems instead of copiers.’
    • ‘All-in-one devices - scanners, copiers and printers in one machine - are pretty popular these days.’
    • ‘In the early days of the magazine, I wrote my editorials on an electric typewriter, and our only other machine was a copier.’
    • ‘Why do I have to have a lesson on how to work the copier, followed by proving I still don't know how to work it?’
    • ‘Step 1: Place a sheet of transparency film and a sheet of copy paper in the bypass tray of the copier.’
    • ‘There's a kitchen, a conference room, an area with copiers and a little lounge where you can hold informal meetings.’
    • ‘The survey includes energy used by all kinds of office machinery, including not only computers and their peripherals but also unrelated devices such as copiers and fax machines.’
    • ‘Other initiatives include seeking investors in its inkjet printer business and selling its engineering systems business, which makes large-format copiers.’
    • ‘It would shred documents as soon as they emerged from the copier, without the bother of distributing them to people who'd just throw them out anyway.’
    • ‘For example, desktop copiers were moved out of office areas into copy rooms.’
    • ‘Police seized about 50 video recorders and five multi-DVD copiers.’
    • ‘Officials have asked individuals in the campus community to help save energy by turning off computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, copiers, lights and other equipment and appliances whenever possible.’
    • ‘Jared kept his eyes on the copier, focusing as the feeder took the documents.’
    • ‘Publishers didn't make a serious attempt, by and large, to outlaw Xerox machines, or to try to legislate the inclusion of special capabilities that recognize and refuse to copy pages from published works into copiers.’
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