Definition of coper in English:



  • A person who deals effectively with difficult situations.

    ‘Emma was always going to be fine. She was one of life's copers’
    • ‘Michelle's a coper.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, nannies were the carers and the copers for middle-class families whose parents had opted out.’
    • ‘"Usually he's incredibly positive, a coper."’
    • ‘She said many of the inmates were 'poor copers' who were either behind bars for the first time, of limited intelligence or physically weak.’
    • ‘Tebby and he had met in a mental hospital previously and had stayed together ever since, despite being a poor coper which is understandable.’
    • ‘After he lost his sight, "he was very much a coper," Dr Shapiro said.’
    • ‘I seem to be a very good coper.’
    • ‘Those oldest old are optimistic, committed to something interesting, are actively mobile, and good copers with life.’
    • ‘I was, but I am a coper.’
    • ‘They're the copers, they support each other and they make things work.’