Definition of cooperation in English:



  • 1The process of working together to the same end.

    ‘they worked in close cooperation with the AAA’
    • ‘It is a story of greed and selfishness eventually defeated by cooperation and friendship.’
    • ‘Partnerships with external supporters require cooperation among those external supporters.’
    • ‘Both propositions are correct, but they do not cast blame upon the capitalistic system of social cooperation.’
    • ‘Effective bargaining may be a necessary element of international cooperation.’
    • ‘Annual meetings were held to coordinate global operations and facilitate cooperation.’
    • ‘The degree of anger versus cooperation between the couple is too great.’
    • ‘Economic competition is a form of social cooperation in which producers strive to satisfy consumers.’
    • ‘The two also discussed future cooperation between the two countries.’
    • ‘The market economy means peaceful cooperation and peaceful exchange of goods and services.’
    • ‘I believe in this new world, as well as the old, the only path to safety is international cooperation.’
    • ‘Of course, business seems to be moving in the direction of increasing cooperation too, even with competitors.’
    • ‘That is why my original article called explicitly for the active cooperation of monetary policy.’
    • ‘He said the framework should also strengthen regional cooperation and be internationally competitive.’
    • ‘Tight cooperation between the two stations is aimed at catching criminals on the run.’
    • ‘Specific details of operations will be developed in co-operation with the regulatory authorities.’
    • ‘He hopes the current level of cooperation among the opposition will develop into a comprehensive programme.’
    • ‘This kept the village and school in touch and resulted in better understanding and productive co-operation.’
    • ‘China is said to be more interested in playing a leading role in cooperation in finance and security affairs.’
    • ‘Most capitalists resisted cooperation partly because there was no incentive to do so.’
    • ‘However, it is seen as a sign of the kind of co-operation on which the two banks are increasingly likely to embark in an effort to keep down costs.’
    collaboration, working together, joint action, combined effort, teamwork, mutual support, partnership, coopetition, coordination, liaison, association, synergy, unity, concurrence, concord, accord, understanding, give and take, compromise
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    1. 1.1Assistance, especially by ready compliance with requests.
      ‘we would like to ask for your cooperation in the survey’
      • ‘She thanked her fellow officers and all the members for their support and cooperation.’
      • ‘Authorities have requested understanding and cooperation from consumers.’
      • ‘You sideline friends and allies, whose cooperation could help preserve your security.’
      • ‘From this forum, I again request that understanding, cooperation and support.’
      • ‘They requested the neighbours' co-operation in taking the daughter out for an hour or so, given prior notice.’
      • ‘The builders present in the meeting assured to extend all possible help and co-operation to city police, the release added.’
      • ‘He would not have been in a position to offer that degree of assistance or co-operation to Mr Sherwood if the other officers were still to be tried alongside him.’
      • ‘He said that the British prime minister had given an assurance that the inquiry would receive the fullest possible co-operation.’
      • ‘The effect of recent legislative changes means that the state can now extract much more co-operation from a suspect.’
      • ‘They also thank the collectors for their help and co-operation.’
      • ‘The accounting firm would be under strict terms of cooperation with federal prosecutors, the Times said.’
      • ‘Your co-operation is requested by the pastoral council in this worthwhile project.’
      • ‘The organisers wish to thank all members, buyers, sponsors and supporters for their help and cooperation.’
      • ‘He thanked everyone for their co-operation and support during his time as senior development officer.’
      • ‘They want police to inform these gold shops of the proposal and request their cooperation.’
      • ‘The committee request your co-operation in the work being carried out.’
      • ‘We thank the symposium participants for their contributions and cooperation.’
      • ‘The former minister is reported to have been informed that he might receive immunity in return for co-operation with the work of the inquiry.’
      • ‘The police are requesting the public's cooperation in the search for the missing boy.’
      • ‘Your co-operation and assistance is appreciated and encouraged.’
      assistance, helpfulness, help, helping hand, aid, abettance, support, backing, contribution, participation
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    2. 1.2Economics The formation and operation of cooperatives.
      • ‘The Master of Management Program at St. Mary's University is an innovative web-based program that brings together co-op and credit union professionals from around the world to learn how to combine the principles of cooperation with active, aggressive management practices.’
      • ‘NCBA's communications department educates the public about how cooperation empowers producers, consumers, workers and independent businesses.’
      • ‘Each year a select few men and women are honored because of their genuinely heroic contributions to the enhancement of cooperative enterprise and to the advancement of the principles of cooperation.’


Late Middle English: from Latin cooperatio(n-), from the verb cooperari (see cooperate); later reinforced by French coopération.