Definition of Cooper's hawk in US English:

Cooper's hawk


  • A North American bird of prey resembling but smaller than the goshawk.

    Accipiter cooperii, family Accipitridae

    • ‘Colbert added his most exciting find so far has been a Cooper's hawk he spotted last spring.’
    • ‘For my birthday she gave me an awesome photo of a Cooper's hawk diving off its perch.’
    • ‘Occasionally, a Cooper's hawk streaks through the yard, creating quite a scare for both the birds and myself.’
    • ‘A Cooper's hawk forced down a couple of black ducks crossing the marsh, but then passed over them - a practice attack maneuver.’
    • ‘I looked below the feeding area and up flew a young Cooper's hawk with a house sparrow in its talons.’


Early 19th century: named after William Cooper (1798–1864), American naturalist.