Definition of coonhound in US English:



  • A dog of an American breed, used to hunt raccoons. There are several breeds, including the black and tan coonhound and the bluetick coonhound.

    • ‘Overall, owning a coonhound can be an extremely rewarding experience.’
    • ‘This usually means being dragged around the national forest at the end of a leash attached to Willie, a retired 85 pound black and tan coonhound with three legs.’
    • ‘After high school she tried college but got thrown out for raising coonhounds in her dorm room.’
    • ‘Cooking takes place mainly in the tiny kitchen of the marigold yellow cottage with periwinkle trim that Carrie shares with her two dogs, Moses the dachshund and Patty Lewis the redbone coonhound.’
    • ‘Coonhounds are scent hounds and run their game entirely by smell.’