Definition of coolie hat in US English:

coolie hat


  • A broad conical straw hat as worn by laborers in some Asian countries.

    • ‘Here we float on bamboo rafts past fishermen in coolie hats and sleek, grey-brown water buffalo, standing knee-deep to drink between ploughing shifts.’
    • ‘The restaurant owner, a former social worker, gives us a couple of particularly finely made coolie hats and asks us to pass them on to anyone in the city who we think looks particularly deserving of them.’
    • ‘We are strongly reminded of the two beggar ladies from the previous afternoon, on receiving their new coolie hats.’
    • ‘Our young guide is beautiful and elegant, standing there in the pelting rain in a full-length pale blue gown, with water pouring off her coolie hat.’
    • ‘I sure hope so because I doubt that today's edition could be any more obvious without resorting to coolie hats and 60's soundtracks.’