Definition of Cooley's anemia in English:

Cooley's anemia


  • another term for thalassemia
    • ‘This condition can range in severity from mild to life-threatening; the most severe form is called Cooley's anaemia.’
    • ‘Funds were raised in April for research on Cooley's anaemia.’
    • ‘Beta-thalassaemia, also known as Cooley's anaemia, is also a severe disease with dependence on regular blood transfusions from early life.’
    • ‘A 5 year old child with Cooley's anaemia has been successfully treated in Italy using cord blood stem cells from his new born twin brothers.’
    • ‘Each year, almost 100,000 babies are born with thalassaemia, also known as Cooley's anaemia.’


1930s: named after Thomas B. Cooley (1871–1945), American pediatrician.


Cooley's anemia

/ˌko͞olēz əˈnēmēə/