Definition of cool hunter in US English:

cool hunter


  • A person whose job is to make observations or predictions about new styles and trends.

    • ‘The trouble is, every other cool hunter and his mother is watching the Apple brand with the eyes of a hawk.’
    • ‘Must graphic designers always be seen as the cool hunter - wrapped in couture, unleashing creative with their every keystroke?’
    • ‘He just reduced the ideals of the presidency to the same goals one hears from any other product marketeer, filmmaker who field-tests his ending, corporate consultant, or cool hunter.’
    • ‘She is a sought-after cool hunter.’
    • ‘Cool hunters are more than just streetwise fad spotters.’
    • ‘Instead, tap into the cool-kid consciousness by reading Rubin and his cohorts - classic cool hunters obsessed with gadgets, T-shirts, and of course, Puma and Nike.’
    • ‘Action sports and music do share an ideological bond, but it varies from athlete to athlete, band to band and, despite what the cool hunters report, fan to fan.’
    • ‘Cool hunters seek us out for our opinions and then sell them right back to us.’
    • ‘Cool hunters are charging an arm and a leg for their exclusive scoop on what's hot with the early adopters.’
    • ‘These days Apple is the ultimate cool hunter's wet dream.’
    • ‘Trend-spotters used to be known as cool hunters.’
    • ‘They even pay anthropologist-investigators known as "cool hunters" to keep up with what the coolest kids are doing, and use that knowledge to design products.’
    • ‘Even more than this, as a so-called "cool hunter" she's keen and cunning in a manner perhaps more intellectually suited to, say, reality.’