Definition of cooking in US English:



  • 1The practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

    ‘she first became interested in cooking at the age of 17’
    • ‘I usually find ribs a bit fatty, but the process of poaching and slow cooking had ensured that the fat had dissipated and all that remained was beautifully tender meat.’
    • ‘No electricity means no heating, no cooking, no light, no TV and no computer.’
    • ‘Coal was commonly used for domestic cooking, heating, and industrial processes.’
    • ‘It is also important to bring some awareness into the process of cooking and eating and the effects that they can produce into our body.’
    • ‘Wood provided fuel for domestic heat and cooking, and for industrial processes such as brewing beer or smelting iron.’
    • ‘To anyone with a passion for food, cooking is a release.’
    • ‘The air is full of wonderful smells of food preparation and cooking, but there is a constant atmosphere of concentrated activity.’
    • ‘An unstable substance, vitamin C is destroyed by cooking and exposure of food to light.’
    • ‘Keep a supply of water, foods that need no cooking, and any needed medications.’
    • ‘The whole process is like doing the laundry and baking and cooking.’
    • ‘The thing to bear in mind when preparing food is that all cooking destroys nutrients.’
    • ‘Now that's all cleared up I'm off to eat the wonderfully aromatic steak my beloved is in the process of cooking up for me.’
    • ‘She kept an eye on female employees and inmates, supervised the washing and mending of clothes, bought food, and supervised cooking.’
    • ‘They did all the cooking for the household, and had to prepare the food to be cooked, like plucking chickens.’
    • ‘But soon there came reports of careless cooking and food poisoning.’
    • ‘My experience taught me that an owner should know every detail, from the cooking of the food up to its management, or he will be tricked by his workers.’
    • ‘In fact, any kind of preparation process, not just cooking, results in some loss of nutrients.’
    1. 1.1 Food that has been prepared in a particular way.
      ‘authentic Italian cooking’
      • ‘While less creative or inspiring than French or Italian cuisine, German cooking regards itself as full of high-quality ingredients which are skilfully cooked.’
      • ‘Solomon Islanders do not use many spices in their cooking except for coconut milk.’
      • ‘New American cooking incorporates many ingredients from Mediterranean cuisines that are enhanced by modern Greek wines.’
      • ‘Seafood cooking is one of finest forms of Irish cuisine and it is important that we pass on the skills and knowledge to the next generation of chefs in this country.’
      • ‘It's also used as an ingredient in Arabic cooking.’
      • ‘A bowl of shiny red apples suggests comfort food and good down-home cooking.’
      • ‘Puerto Ricans tolerate fast-food, but prefer native food and home cooking.’
      • ‘If you're not intimately familiar with Indian vegetarian cooking, it's too easy to order dishes that closely replicate each other.’
      • ‘Basically, it pays to respect the fundamental demarcation between chef cooking and home cooking.’
      • ‘I learned how to really taste things from her, and how important ingredients are to good cooking.’
      • ‘Their individual styles of cooking helped shape Greek cooking into what it is today.’
      • ‘Creole cooking uses hot peppers and spices but has been influenced by French cooking and imported foodstuffs.’
      • ‘Instead of worrying about which diet to put their children on, parents should get back to natural ingredients and proper cooking with fewer additives and hydrogenated fats and less salt.’
      • ‘Hundreds of restaurants offer everything from traditional Bohemian cooking to international cuisine.’
      • ‘Within a year she had the place using 100 per cent fresh ingredients in its cooking and word quickly spread about the terrific food being served at the Square and Compass.’
      • ‘This is refreshingly unadorned, authentic Italian cooking.’
      • ‘Oddly, only Chinese cooking among world cuisines has retained this method.’
      • ‘The food taps into the cooking of all parts of India and is subtle, light, and refreshing.’
      • ‘The emphasis is on traditional Scottish cooking with fresh ingredients - locally sourced, where possible.’
      • ‘The robust, authentic Polish home cooking is cheap and satisfying and served cafeteria-style.’
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    2. 1.2as modifier Suitable for or used in cooking.
      ‘cooking oil’
      • ‘Spray the wedges lightly with olive-oil cooking spray and sprinkle with half a teaspoon of salt.’
      • ‘It doesn't matter if there isn't any cooking oil, and we cope without electricity for a few hours daily.’
      • ‘The coal range was so hot the cooking plate glowed.’
      • ‘I had a box of books and a box of cooking utensils, but I never unpacked them.’
      • ‘In a heavy 10-inch skillet heat 1 tablespoon shortening or cooking oil over medium heat.’
      • ‘Since heat is created only in the cooking utensil and food, this glass ceramic surface remains fairly cool.’
      • ‘He now operates from a van in the Hull area, filtering and cleaning catering cooking fat at hospitals, universities and schools.’
      • ‘He was also given a set of cooking knives and a chopping board.’
      • ‘The two kitchens housing cooking material inside the hospital have also been closed.’
      • ‘Hopefully you have someone in your household who can operate that most intricate of cooking utensils, the barbecue.’
      • ‘Far too big and heavy for the average stove top, these are set on single-ring gas burners on the ground, and stirred with something more like an oar than a cooking utensil.’
      • ‘In the land of oil there is no electricity, no gasoline, no cooking gas and no petrol.’
      • ‘To sauté (the low fat way), spray large skillet with fat free cooking spray and heat to medium-high.’
      • ‘Before using for the first time, the cooking basket and drip tray should be washed with warm, soapy water.’
      • ‘I recall all sorts of cooking gadgets that went in and out of the kitchen over the years.’
      • ‘In the back room, we have our large brick oven, a kitchen table and our cooking utensils.’
      • ‘She put a load of meats on there and also some cooking pots.’
      • ‘Near the kitchen, the household has put up another chart, this time listing the name of cooking ingredients and food items.’
      • ‘They were wrapped in cloth, tucked under her clothes but to the left of the food and cooking supplies she was taking.’
      • ‘The items may be placed directly on the floor of the oven, in a clay cooking pot or on a flat stone.’