Definition of convolvulus in US English:



  • A twining plant with trumpet-shaped flowers, some kinds of which (such as bindweed) are invasive weeds, while others, especially morning glories, are cultivated for their bright flowers.

    Genus Convolvulus, family Convolvulaceae

    • ‘In the Autumn, when the convolvulus has taken over suburban Australian gardens, strangling trees, insinuating itself into garden sheds, creeping across garden paths, the very name declares its despised status as a weed.’
    • ‘The wide verges were tangled with the trumpets of field convolvulus, a smaller version of the plant that plays so loud in the hedges at this time of the year.’
    • ‘Some other plants had survived, a small convolvulus, golden lamium and creeping geranium were beginning to sprout so these were potted up but the lining fell to bits when the basket was emptied.’
    • ‘To one side the River Seven meandered, thick with willow, purple with balsam and white with convolvulus.’
    • ‘One is a convolvulus called Goat's Foot Morning Glory, the other is Beach Bean, from the pea family and named for its huge woody seeds.’


Latin, ‘bindweed’, from convolvere ‘roll together’ (see convolve).