Definition of convolve in US English:



[with object]rare
  • 1Roll or coil together; entwine.

    1. 1.1Mathematics Combine (one function or series) with another by forming their convolution.
      • ‘It is important to recognize the distinction between the PRC here and the infinitesimal PRC that, in theory, could be convolved with the waveform of the perturbation to obtain the total resetting.’
      • ‘Fig.4 B shows the filtered flow obtained by convolving matches from the first seven frames of the FSM movie, overlaid on the first frame.’
      • ‘The theoretical Normal distribution was then convolved to B to obtain A, which was then compared to the open-channel amplitude PDF.’
      • ‘Thus, model fluorescence data was blurred by convolving it with the triple Gaussian approximation of the PSF of the objective.’
      • ‘If you've got the time to troll for sounds, then take your unusual impulse file and convolve it against a large number of target files using the program's batch processor.’


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘enclose in folds’): from Latin convolvere ‘roll together’, from con- ‘together’ + volvere ‘roll’.