Definition of convexity in US English:



  • See convex

    • ‘Narrow, smooth longitudinal ridges are visible on both sides of a wide, more or less elevated central convexity with a rather irregular surface.’
    • ‘In the present model, on the contrary, the rotating angle of the generating curve is standardized by the rate of enlargement of the curve, so as to define the convexity of the shell.’
    • ‘The stronger the convexity of the basic curve of the rotating body of the element, the higher the critical interlocking force.’
    • ‘In addition to curve degree, physicians should describe curves as ‘right’ or ‘left,’ based on their curve convexity.’
    • ‘Some of the variation evident on the extant pins, such as the degree of concavity / convexity of head tops and the presence, size, and definition of shoulder elements, may lend itself to analysis given an appropriate size sample.’