Definition of conversion van in US English:

conversion van


North American
  • A van in which the cargo space has been converted to a special purpose, such as a living space.

    • ‘Furthermore, I, who had never driven anything larger than a conversion van, would receive free training to safely control the large vehicle.’
    • ‘The danger of their situation became apparent as they slid through the back door and another man was standing by a conversion van, a semi-automatic rifle aimed towards the ground.’
    • ‘It was black, a full-size conversion van with darkly tinted windows, and the driver had managed to wrestle it across the ditch and onto the grass on the opposite side of the road.’
    • ‘Mom rented a conversion van and the six of us went to every garage sale in a hundred mile radius.’
    • ‘She may be driving a White Chevy conversion van with light blue or green pin stripes.’
    • ‘It was that size in between a conversion van and a small Winnebago and this sucker had seen the miles.’
    • ‘It woke up most of the sleeping neighbors, but nobody in the conversion van really cared.’
    • ‘Maria Constance had told him that the family had smuggled themselves to Colorado in the back of a rusted-out conversion van.’
    • ‘Detective Johan floored the pedal, yet his conversion van lagged behind the awesome truck, on the last leg of the toll way.’
    • ‘When everyone had finally piled into the conversion van, they were in there same seats.’
    • ‘An eighties conversion van pulled from the parking lot and passed by the front windows.’
    • ‘If a completely decked-out, full-sized conversion van is parked in front of the local weekly newspaper office, there's a politician loose in the community.’
    • ‘The players took two luxury buses to the venue while Natalie and her camera crew followed behind the buses in a BSN conversion van.’
    • ‘Leaders at GM's van division thought that there might be a profitable niche market for an updated version of the conversion vans that were popular in the 1970s.’
    • ‘Try checking the classifieds section of your local paper, under ‘conversion vans ‘or ‘specialty vehicles.’’
    • ‘Picture a beat-up old station wagon or conversion van long past its prime.’


conversion van