Definition of convener in US English:


(also convenor)


  • 1A person whose job it is to call people together for meetings of a committee.

    ‘Convener of the Recreation Committee’
    • ‘The committee also elected three conveners to take turns chairing the weekly meeting.’
    • ‘As the convener of the reception committee later acknowledged, the crowd made this city proud by behaving in a disciplined and well-mannered way.’
    • ‘As a result of this meeting, a working group was elected with a mandate to progress further the objectives of the original convenors of the meeting.’
    • ‘As convener of the breaks committee Paddy announced that a 14-day trip to Croatia from May 7 to the 21 is on offer, priced at E753.00 (tax included).’
    • ‘Elliot suggests more needs to be done to help women take positions in the Church's committees, starting with a review of the workload of committee members and conveners.’
    • ‘By contrast, the remaining six independent lawmakers, without the backing of a caucus, virtually stood no chance to serve as convener of any legislative committee.’
    • ‘Committee convener and Labour member Karen Gillon expressed surprise at Watson's prompt response.’
    • ‘He became the convener of the evangelistic committee in 1904 and then president of the Baptist Union of Scotland in 1906.’
    • ‘Meeting convener and self-appointed representative of Greenough's rural residents, Richard Carr, was unavailable for comment this morning, but was vocal in his opposition at the meeting.’
    • ‘The European committee made it to Brussels once, those covering social inclusion have been to Dublin once, and the committee of conveners is only going to Brussels this spring because the trip is being paid for out of European funds.’
    • ‘One of the more telling episodes of the past week was the way in which the conveners of the parliamentary committees defeated an attempt by the business managers to axe the size of committees.’
    • ‘Alasdair Morgan, the committee convener, said: ‘The idea is to see how quickly broadband is rolling out, whether it needs action to speed it up and what is the rate of take-up.’’
    • ‘Specifically, McConnell will follow in Tony Blair's footsteps by allowing the conveners of parliamentary committees to grill him twice a year on any subjects they wish.’
    • ‘Public health can play an important part as a convenor, bringing together the different parties needed to address violence.’
    • ‘The meeting convenor, Dr Raymond Sacks, has established an excellent programme.’
    • ‘When queried as to whether this was an unusual occurrence due to the current circumstances, the convenor noted that the meeting that had been observed was typical of a mass meeting.’
    • ‘If Labour wanted to run a minority government, there may be some discussion as to what might be in the legislative programme and who might be committee conveners.’
    • ‘And before modern lighting, convenors of meetings chose dates with predictable moonlight, to help participants on their way.’
    • ‘The convenor of the committee should avoid any appearance of controversy.’
    • ‘Special thanks go to the convenors of the Lyell Meeting for their invitation and generous travel assistance.’
    1. 1.1British A senior trade union official at a workplace.
      ‘a local Transport Union convener’
      • ‘‘The fact that they wouldn't have that shows they seem determined to sack our convenor,’ said one striker.’
      • ‘John Durkin was the trade union works convenor at Associated Weavers at the time. He recalled the devastating fire which had occurred during the plant's annual summer shutdown.’
      • ‘‘The staff have made it quite clear that they are unhappy about this move to Barnsley,’ said Peter Hall, convenor for trade union Unison at the fire and rescue service.’
      • ‘Sue Bolton is the convenor of the Socialist Alliance trade union working group, a member of its national executive and a Victorian Senate candidate.’
      • ‘They were protesting at what they see as management's victimisation of a Unison union convenor and a senior shop steward.’
      • ‘He was introduced as not a shop steward or convenor but ‘just a worker speaking from the heart’.’
      • ‘Chris Stephens, the convener of the SNP trade union group, said: ‘It's a very positive step for us.’’
      • ‘Despite losing the vote, John Lambie, convener of the trade union - Labour liaison committee, warned that ministers would still have to tackle the issue.’
      • ‘The union representatives consisted of 5 convenors and 12 shop stewards, two being senior shop stewards and one a deputy shop steward.’
      • ‘In bigger unionised plants there may be a shop steward superstructure, headed by a convenor who might spend most or all of his time on union business.’
      • ‘It extends protection for shop stewards and convenors.’
      • ‘Liverpool council lifted the suspensions and the threat of sacking to a Unison union convenor and a senior shop steward last week.’
      • ‘As a former trade union convenor, Ferguson has always had a developed sense of his own worth financially, but in Edwards he found an implacable adversary.’
      • ‘However, the convenor perceived the relationship between the management and shop stewards as ‘very good’.’
      • ‘The former Vauxhall worker rose through the ranks from shop steward to convener at Ellesmere Port and has been a national official for 10 years.’
      • ‘He was soon caught up in the trade union movement and became a union convener, a position he held for 12 years.’
      • ‘Peter Hinchliffe, trade union convener at the trust's hospitals, said: ‘Most of the staff will be amused, if not concerned, as well.’’
      • ‘Graham Goddard, a trade union convenor at the firm's Sheffield factory who is married with three children, was in the scheme for 20 years.’
      • ‘After a convenor was victimised from that workplace the number of stewards was reduced from 18 to four and hard won agreements were ripped up by management.’
      • ‘This afternoon an emergency meeting of stewards and convenors from all five of Rolls Royce's sites in Britain was taking place in Bristol, near the Patchway plant.’
    2. 1.2 The chairman and civic head of some regional Scottish councils.
      ‘Convener of Orkney Islands Council’
      • ‘Alistair Watson, the land-services convenor of Glasgow City Council, said he was personally in favour of the idea.’
      • ‘It is a necessary step, according to Glasgow City Council leader elect Steven Purcell, the education convener.’
      • ‘And yet Sir David Steel, presiding officer and convener of the Scottish parliament's corporate body, does not know when it will be finished or how much it will have cost by then.’
      • ‘But local party conveners have told Scotland on Sunday that election failures are putting members off bothering to renew their party cards.’
      • ‘The events were attended by conveners, chief executives and members of all three councils, and invited guests.’
      • ‘One would have expected the convener of the council's social services committee to be on top of the issue, particularly if she is also the Labour candidate defending a 25-vote majority.’
      • ‘Robert Balfour, the convenor of the Scottish Landowners Federation, said it would be irresponsible to walk through a growing food crop.’
      • ‘The key figure in the negotiations was Peter Peacock, who was convener of Highland Council from 1995 to 1999.’
      • ‘The Northern Lighthouse Board proposals to close their Stromness depot were described on Tuesday as ‘desperately sad’ by the convener of Orkney Islands Council.’
      • ‘He is also a member of the Law Society of Scotland Council and convener of its Practice Management Committee.’
      • ‘Speakers included Alan Walter of Defend Council Housing and Colin Fox the convenor of the Scottish Socialist Party.’
      • ‘Son David has followed in his footsteps and become a musical director while daughter Alison McGee is convener of Highland Council.’
      • ‘Not far away Stephen Hagan, the convener of Orkney Island council, is meeting and greeting on a river bank.’
      • ‘As the convener of the newly created Scottish Social Services Council I would, however, like to correct two points made within your report.’
      • ‘Council convener Alison McGee speaks of her ‘delight’ at the council's £400,000 loan having helped facilitate the necessary ground improvements.’
      • ‘Council convenor David Green said far too much emphasis had been placed on what the Edinburgh staff thought.’
      • ‘Eleanor Coner, convener of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, said she was concerned about over-reliance on an automated system.’
      • ‘Jack McConnell and Wark's husband, Alan Clements, first met while the former was a council convener in Stirling in the 80s, the latter a Labour activist.’
      • ‘When he was transport convener in Edinburgh City Council, Begg pioneered the transport plan which is expected soon to lead to congestion charging for those entering the capital past its ring road.’
      • ‘Highland Council convener David Green has already written to Scottish Secretary Helen Liddell asking her to help ‘end the uncertainty which has hung over our lifeline link for too long now’.’
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