Definition of convection current in US English:

convection current


  • A current in a fluid that results from convection.

    ‘the Pacific Plate is floating, propelled by convection currents deep in the mantle’
    • ‘In spring when the air temperature outside the bin is higher than the grain temperature, a reverse convection current will occur.’
    • ‘This is a feature of volcanic rocks formed by separate episodes of molten rock cooling in stages, a result of convection currents within the molten rock mass.’
    • ‘If a liquid is heated from below, the molecules in it begin to move more rapidly, until they are eventually pushed upward by the denser cooler fluid that remains with the result that convection currents arise in the fluid.’
    • ‘As it's open to the sky, the warm air rises up and draws in cooler air from outside, so there's a complete convection current.’
    • ‘A radiator actually only radiates some 20% of its heat, the remaining 80% rises in a convection current from the top of the radiator cooling near the ceiling before dropping from overhead.’