Definition of conurbation in US English:



  • An extended urban area, typically consisting of several towns merging with the suburbs of one or more cities.

    • ‘Developers are looking at big cities and Bradford is a large conurbation.’
    • ‘Greater Milan is the largest conurbation in Italy (though Rome as a city is larger).’
    • ‘Areas outside the major conurbations and the corridors linking them are still deprived of much necessary infrastructure.’
    • ‘The two reviews considered health authorities as the unit of analysis, but in cities or conurbations it makes sense to consider whole geographical areas.’
    • ‘‘They are frequently conurbations or city regions such as Amsterdam, Manchester, Singapore or Silicon Valley,’ he said.’
    • ‘The stars in the sky glowed with an ambience only seen outside the urban conurbations.’
    • ‘It is in the roads leading to the city centre and those carrying traffic past the major conurbation.’
    • ‘The almost relentless growth in property crime of recent decades has affected the whole country - rural areas, small towns, provincial cities, and major conurbations.’
    • ‘This established a two-tier system of thirty-nine counties and six metropolitan counties for the major conurbations outside London.’
    • ‘Manchester is a major city at the heart of a large urban conurbation.’
    • ‘Why are the turnover rates in these three conurbations higher in inner city areas and in teaching trusts and more acute in larger cities, particularly London?’
    • ‘Great cities and conurbations are developed by visionaries who instill pride and optimism in their fellow citizens.’
    • ‘The area adjoins the Dublin conurbation, and is a designated green belt amenity and agricultural resource base.’
    • ‘‘When Swindon was growing as a new town thousands of young couples were settled in areas to the west and east of the conurbation,’ said Coun Perkins.’
    • ‘We can learn a great deal from the experience of other major conurbations across Europe.’
    • ‘It states that in Africa, Asia and Latin America there are 600 million people living in squatter settlements around conurbations that lack any sanitation infrastructure.’
    • ‘And we will need a pilot somewhere in the UK - probably in a major conurbation or region of the country.’
    • ‘It's likely to be close to a major conurbation with good road and rail links.’
    • ‘Each category of settlement - the hamlets, the villages, the towns, the cities, the conurbations - appears to have its own characteristic scale of distance.’
    • ‘We were promised this super hospital, not just for the city, but for the whole conurbation, because that is what we need.’
    urban area, municipality, borough, township, settlement
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Early 20th century: from con- ‘together’ + Latin urbs, urb- ‘city’ + -ation.