Definition of controversially in US English:



  • In a way that gives rise to controversy or public disagreement.

    ‘the horse was controversially disqualified from first place’
    • ‘He controversially vetoed this in order to fund military spending.’
    • ‘Controversially, the report recommended reviewing the committee's role in funding.’
    • ‘The controversially high entrance charge of $20 is for the museum.’
    • ‘Less controversially, the wadi has been turned into a road (it always was a sort of thoroughfare).’
    • ‘He did everything to make the bureau head's job untenable, until the latter was controversially sacked.’
    • ‘Potential sales include the hospital, controversially closed last month.’
    • ‘The 2–3 final score was a big disappointment after conceding a controversially deflected early goal.’
    • ‘The labor historian, controversially, also points to new rights-based principles that damaged trade unionism.’
    • ‘The five trees were controversially felled by the district council in November 2001.’
    • ‘To put it controversially, psychoanalysis must lull the patient into a false sense of security.’