Definition of controllable in English:



  • 1Capable of being directed or influenced.

    ‘the glider was fully controllable’
    • ‘The ship is powered by two diesel engines that drive a single shaft with a five-blade controllable pitch propeller.’
    • ‘The rectifier is fully controllable and is capable of blocking current entirely in one direction.’
    • ‘It's very controllable once you've had a bit of practice, and there's lots of fun to be had.’
    • ‘These are driven by electric motors and are controllable by the patients.’
    • ‘A stunning innovation in its day, the telegraph was an easily controllable device.’
    • ‘There are carpets in all bedrooms as well as controllable low-voltage lighting.’
    • ‘Although not drivable or controllable by players, choppers and Humvees roam the maps on set paths.’
    • ‘All lighting, video, and window opacity are controllable from the bed.’
    • ‘It is actually quite controllable in the dirt, once you get the hang of drifting and tail-out cornering.’
    • ‘Without software, aircraft would not be controllable or reach the desired performance capabilities.’
    1. 1.1 Capable of being safely regulated or limited.
      ‘discontent began to give way to barely controllable rage’
      • ‘Your show spent time on the most ridiculous of issues—that is, how controllable is Teresa?’
      • ‘Starting with the counterfactual statement as a frame, the lesson is constructed by substituting a controllable future action and future outcome.’
      • ‘The study addresses the impact of four controllable marketing variables on consumer reactions to a promotional offer in the performing arts.’
      • ‘The logistics worked, the costs were controllable, and the show was a hit.’
      • ‘I'm a healthy man in my late 40s, with controllable hypertension and high cholesterol.’
      • ‘The choice of feed ingredients is another controllable factor.’
      • ‘The good news is that business travel expenditure is one of the largest controllable expenses within a company.’
      • ‘The Internet is less controllable than governments might like, which threatens certain assumptions.’
      • ‘Can these sources of increase be manipulated by policy so that population size becomes controllable?’
      • ‘In every industry, new competitors are emerging in different countries, making the market less controllable.’