Definition of control tower in US English:

control tower


  • A tall building at an airport from which the movements of air and runway traffic are controlled.

    • ‘The commander glanced out the window of the control tower of the airfield.’
    • ‘There were a few huddled buildings around the control tower, hard-packed sandy ground in all directions, and a brassy sun just rising into a pale blue sky.’
    • ‘Kurdish workers are busy on the control tower and service buildings.’
    • ‘Among items in the works are a new control tower, a people mover and facility for rental cars.’
    • ‘The pilot circled the airport several times so the control tower could discern if the landing gear had been deployed.’
    • ‘Its last contact was with the control tower at the Tulcan airport.’
    • ‘From the control tower, the traffic was clear and there were no signs of interference or alerts.’
    • ‘The expansion also will add more gates, a larger control tower and a new runway and is scheduled for completion by 2009.’
    • ‘Secondly, they were used to signal the control tower at the aircraft's home base to switch on the flare-path for night landings.’
    • ‘A decision was made to phone the control tower at Manises Airport to have the station's radar detect the object.’
    • ‘A Scottish piper will play a lament from the control tower at Elvington Airfield during the funeral service in the hangar tomorrow at 12.30 pm.’
    • ‘It is a full-scale virtual airport control tower designed to test ways to monitor potential traffic problems.’
    • ‘In the meantime, he finished the pre-flight checks with the control tower at Reagan National Airport.’
    • ‘Yes, pilots can control the lights at some airports where the control tower is not always staffed or at those with no tower at all.’
    • ‘From there, they could closely observe all the buildings located around the control tower and terminal.’
    • ‘Equipped with instruments and telescopes, it is like a ship's bridge or an airport control tower.’
    • ‘The airport control tower is presently responsible for handling take-offs and landings, as well as the organization of traffic at the airport itself.’
    • ‘In front of the Soviet-built control tower are several neat rows of tents, each with bunk beds and a heating and air conditioning unit.’
    • ‘The following is an account of an exchange between airline pilots and a control tower.’
    • ‘This gallery forms an elevated observation point akin to the bridge of a ship, or the control tower of an airport.’


control tower

/kənˈtrōl ˈtou(ə)r//kənˈtroʊl ˈtaʊ(ə)r/