Definition of contractor in English:



  • A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job.

    • ‘One contractor working for the company was killed in an attack in Iraq 15 months ago.’
    • ‘The local authority, to their credit, arranged a contractor to remedy the situation.’
    • ‘The laptop was in the car of a contractor employed to upgrade the Civic Centre computer systems.’
    • ‘The most efficient service contractors are often the cheapest, meaning corners can be cut.’
    • ‘It would also increase home care services purchased from independent contractors.’
    • ‘Then the institution I worked for decided to have all their laptops provided by a contractor on a lease.’
    • ‘They told him he would have to pay for a contractor to travel from Beverley if he wanted the vehicles removed.’
    • ‘Jill Russell condemned the use of private contractors in providing substandard food.’
    • ‘Council contractors provided fencing to keep the area secure and the surface will now be relaid.’
    • ‘Outside contractors could provide the service more cheaply without a reduction in quality.’
    • ‘This contract has been completed by a foreign firm and the contractor duly paid.’
    • ‘In short, the Government is handing over public works to private contractors.’
    • ‘The site is owned by Wigan Council but is currently being managed by a firm of contractors.’
    • ‘He started at Walton pit in 1958 before getting a job working for a firm of mining contractors.’
    • ‘This government did not know that most of the fuel companies now employ contractors to deliver fuel.’
    • ‘You could then consider employing a contractor to cut it once in August and to remove the cuttings.’
    • ‘She married six years ago and lived in Maida Vale with her husband, Steven, a building contractor.’
    • ‘Some households simply cannot afford to employ a contractor to carry out the work.’
    • ‘He grew up on a small country farm in southern Michigan and became a building contractor like his father.’
    • ‘Children got cross when they heard contractors would only provide recycling bins if they paid for them.’
    entrepreneur, promoter, impresario, arranger, fixer, trader, dealer, director, manager, partner, businessman, businesswoman, financier, venture capitalist, speculator
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