Definition of contrabassoon in US English:



  • A bassoon that is larger and longer than the normal type and sounds an octave lower in pitch.

    • ‘For example, can the contrabassoon part be played up an octave?’
    • ‘Of other sizes, the commonest is the contrabassoon.’
    • ‘Four bassoons and a contrabassoon play together - sandwiched between two huge crescendos on timpani and bass drum.’
    • ‘The tutti strangeness is that of an orchestra without violas and cellos, but in which double basses, contrabassoon and piccolos are prominent.’
    • ‘The symphonic repertoire calls for the basic 2 oboes and cor anglais, just as it does two flutes and piccolo, two clarinets and bass clarinet, two bassoons and contrabassoon.’
    • ‘I play bassoon in a double reed group at my school and one member of our group has just bought a contra bassoon, and we're all really excited!’