Definition of continuous spectrum in US English:

continuous spectrum


  • An emission spectrum that consists of a continuum of wavelengths.

    • ‘The lamp is fed by a small power supply, delivering direct current to a 150 W halogen bulb giving 2 W of filtered light to yield a continuous spectrum of red light between 570-740 nm to the skin surface.’
    • ‘This light is observed only at particular wavelengths instead of a continuous spectrum.’
    • ‘The photosphere, at a temperature of several thousand degrees, emits a continuous spectrum (that is, all wavelengths), just as an electric light globe does.’
    • ‘If one can synthesize a piece of the semiconductor that is so small the electron ‘feels’ confined, the continuous spectrum will become discrete, and the energy gap will increase.’
    • ‘This model significantly reduces the number of unknown parameters if the reflectance functions with continuous spectra are presented by only a small number of basis functions.’